Jim & Jill -- May 2019

I found Linsey through Facebook. I cannot rave about her enough. My family couldn't stop raving about her. Friends and guests at the wedding couldn't stop raving about her. Linsey made my wedding perfect, she managed to make it more perfect than what I had originally had in mind. She was beyond responsive, she always offered to do more, she was wonderful. I cannot say enough about her and I'll always recommend her for any party even. She's just spectacular. So book her!!

Jim & Jill -- May 2019

Mike The Entertainer -- November 2018

I was hired by Let's Get Happy Events to DJ an event and was very impressed by their professionalism, hard work and attention to detail. It was a great experience and I hope to work with them again.

Mike The Entertainer -- November 2018

Nate & Becky --- November 2018

Linsey was absolutely amazing. Our wedding was more than we could have imagined. Stunning and magical.

Let's Get Happy Events went above and beyond for us. Very responsive, professional and organized.

Nate & Becky -- November 2018

Whitney & Brandon --- April 2018

My fiance Brandon and I could not be any more pleased with our experience working with Let’s Get Happy Events so far! Linsey and Brian are incredible at what they do!!! WOW! My fiance and I are getting married in Maui on April 8th and will have a reception back home on May 4th. Linsey has been an extremely instrumental piece in planning both our wedding in Hawaii and our reception back home in Mukilteo. We began working with Linsey back in August 2017. I have been extremely impressed by her knowledge of all things wedding, organization, extremely quick turnaround time on all communication, and her work in keeping the event within our budget. Linsey has been able to capture my vision and bring my wedding dreams to life.

Balancing planning both a wedding in another state as well as a reception back home was a giant task I had not quite prepared myself for. Linsey has been able to provide guidance, advice, and recommendations for our wedding in Maui. Linsey took the time to determine items such as travel time, length of individuals speeches, and paid attention to so many other small details that I hadn’t even thought. Linsey has gone above and beyond in planning our Maui wedding. Let’s Get Happy Events not only planned the wedding, but also worked to ensure that our welcome dinner, luau, rehearsal, and other events of the trip are all taken care of appropriately and that every detail was considered.

Linsey provided us with timelines for every vendor, the MOB, the MOG, our wedding guests, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, and a master timeline. The timelines considered every detail possible and accounted for late guests and minor hiccups that may occur. Linsey has been more happy to double check and oversee all the details that I have been concerned with. She gladly gives advice when needed while allowing the events to say true to my vision. Linsey is very realistic and will make it clear when something is impractical. The way that Linsey communicates is amazing, she has a way of presenting challenges or possible issues is such a pleasant manner.

During the course of my wedding planning experience, I have had a few “WHAT DO I DO” moments. The first major mistake we ran into was a shortage of time. Brandon and I booked our reception at Rosehill Community Center back in May 2017 and had little idea of what we truly wanted out of our reception. Unsure, we booked the venue from 6:00-11:00 as Rosehill staff informed us we could add additional hours at a later date. When we began working with Linsey she certainly recommended more time. Under the impression I could just add more hours whenever we wanted, I waited until 90 days prior. It was then that Rosehill informed me that the venue was only available as early as 5:00 because of rehearsals that would be taking place prior. We had sent out invitations asking our guests to arrive at 6. I went into absolute PANIC mode and called Linsey entirely beside myself. Linsey worked diligently to provide as many options for us as possible and with a very quick turnaround time. Let’s Get Happy Events worked with us to create a very strategic plan to take on the giant task of setting up for our reception in an hour. We worked together to hire a team from Consider It Done to set up and clean up as well as created a very detailed list of jobs for our friends and family that were willing to help!

Brian has been just as wonderful to work with. We had a meeting with Brian and Linsey a few months back. We met at Josh’s Taps and Caps to both select our reception beers as well as discuss all of the logistics of the event. Brian is extremely knowledgeable about quantities, types, and options of alcohol to be purchased. Brian knows exactly how to run a large event bar and has demonstrated to us that we made the right choice in deciding to work with Let’s Get Happy Events - Bartending!

Linsey and Brian are both very considerate of our budget. This was huge for me and is something I could not be any more grateful for.The two are great at brainstorming various options that stay within our budget while creating the most realistic, classy, and crowd pleasing option.

Linsey also has been able to recommend many different vendors and event planning options to me. She is always very quick to present the pros and cons of all vendors and methods of creating the best overall experience while keeping our budget in mind.

I email, text, or call Linsey nearly daily. She is always eager to respond and always sure to answer all questions or concerns that I have. Linsey is incredibly reliable, prompt, and hard working.

Brandon & Whitney -- April 2018

Jim & Taffy -- June 2017

You are the BEST! Thank you so much for all your hard work, staying on top of everything with your adorable-ness the entire night and just plain doing a fantastic job!! Much appreciated!!

Jim & Taffy -- June 2017